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Frequently Asked Questions About Fishing on Lake Michigan

Why you should hire a charter?

Giant Fish caughtWe are fishing on Lake Michigan just about everyday. By doing this we have an advantage over the occasional fisherman. At a fraction of the cost of outfitting your own boat with the right equipment, you can hire us to take your family, friends, or business associates out for an exciting day of tackle busting action. You don’t have to worry about anything. All you have to do is show up and let us take care of you.

Why should we fish with Reel Sensation Charters?

To be honest, there are dozens of charter services to choose from. Some of them are reputable and have very good fisherman at the helm. You do have to watch out for the few that will not give their best effort on every trip. We pride ourselves on our ability to put fish in the boat every day, but aside from that, we want you to have fun doing it. Captain Jason has won multiple tournaments, and places in the top 5 on a consistent basis. Don’t get taken for a boat ride. Hire a charter to take you on a trip that you will remember good things about. You should be able to tell what kind of service you can expect by talking to the captain on the phone.

How many people can go?

Six. Our Coast Guard license only allows us to take six people for hire. We can arrange for larger groups, by using other charter companies services. We only use services that we personally trust to take our clients out and show them a good time and catch fish. Company outings can be a lot of fun. Call us and we will arrange everything else.

Can we bring alcohol?

Yes. The only thing we ask is that you are responsible. All beverages must be in plastic bottles or cans. Alcohol can have a different effect on you when you are on the water.