Milwaukee Charter Fishing Information

When searching for a charter there are a couple things to look for other than rates. Your charter should be booked due to your confidence in the captain and the quality of the service you expect. Rates, I hate to say it, are a good reflection on the quality of the charter you will be taking. When you think you are getting a deal or a longer trip for your money there is usually a reason for that. Believe me I know I am not going to book all the trips from the people who look on this site, but I truly want you to have a quality fishing experience here in Milwaukee even if you don’t book with us. Here is a short list of things to look for while shopping for a charter.

  1. The quality and size of the boat you will be fishing on. Age of the boat typically doesn’t matter (if the captain maintains it).
  2. Full time charters do offer you a better chance of being successful. Some part time captains are very good fishermen, but being out more often is a definite advantage.
  3. Smaller boats under 30 feet typically have cheaper rates. Just remember Lake Michigan doesn’t always have calm seas. A bigger boat will handle rougher water and make your trip more enjoyable. A large platform for fishing is a lot more comfortable.
  4. Tournamet credentials are always a plus, but they should be recent tournaments to show that the captains hasn’t lost his touch.
  5. Catching fish isn’t always the number one factor of success. Charter fishing is a form of entertainment. The overall experience is very important, although catching fish provides a good solid base to start with. If you walk away with a smile then we have done our job.
  6. Guarantees are a way to make you feel comfortable with your decision. Honestly it is very difficult to get “skunked”. Even very inexperienced fishermen usually catch something. We do offer a guaranty, but that is only for your piece of mind. Fish don’t bite like crazy everyday, but we will work very hard to get you as many fish as we can on that day. If for some reason it all goes bad, even if I didn’t have a guaranty I would ask you to come back so I could redeem myself.
  7. The bottom line is that YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.



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