What We Catch

Chinook Salmon

Lake Michigan’s salmon stocking program began in 1966. Over the last 5 decades Lake Michigan has become one of the country’s premier salmon fishing destinations! Lake Michigan salmon fishing in Milwaukee is as good as it gets. From our early season coho salmon fishing to our late fall Trophy salmon fishing, there is no better place to fish than Milwaukee.

Coho Salmon

Coho salmon fishing in Milwaukee offers the fastest fishing action of the entire season. Known for their great table fare, coho are as good as it gets. Limit, or near limit catches of coho can be expected during the peak times. In Milwaukee they are very easy to target early in the season. Just like steelhead, they are predominantly surface feeders early on, which allows us to run a huge spread of baits.

Lake Trout

Lake trout have become our go to species when the others aren’t cooperating. During the summer lake trout can be found by dredging the bottom. Milwaukee is set in the perfect place when it comes to fishing for lake trout, as we are near the mid-lake reef, a place where lake trout thrive. They are a very beautiful fish. They kind of look prehistoric in a way. Lake trout get big.

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout, also known as steelhead are one of the most exciting fish we catch on Milwaukee fishing charters. During the summer months we catch good numbers of these acrobatic bullets of steel. It’s unmistakable when one bites! Steelhead are typically surface feeders, preying on bugs that are floating. When a rainbow bites, he is jumping out of the water before you even have the chance of saying “FISH ON”!

Brown Trout

Milwaukee brown trout fishing has become incredibly popular, in fact it’s considered WORLD CLASS. We are one of the originals that offered these fishing charters. As the leaves start to fall off the trees and most people begin to put their boats away for the winter, we start to get ready for the finest Brown Trout fishing in the country. That’s right, the country.



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